October 18, 2014

Fall Family Pictures

Last night with the help of Bryce, my tripod, and my little brother, we finally took some family pictures. I think they turned out pretty well, other than we could not for the life us get Claire to smile in the family shots.  We got maybe one good shot with a half smile from her.  She was pretty unsure about my brother, and she can't ever decide if she likes the noise the self timer on my camera makes so she usually just has a confused/grumpy look on her face.  Oh well, I guess that's how it goes with babies! Here are some of my favorites from our shoot:  photo Fall2014-5_zps17b281c7.jpg photo Fall2014-6_zpsc1fdca37.jpg photo Fall2014-7_zpsb500f01e.jpg photo Fall2014-9_zps72dda59e.jpg photo IMG_4795_zps22ed51e8.jpg photo Fall2014-10_zps69f1ad49.jpg photo Fall2014-11_zpsf1cae656.jpg photo IMG_4816_zps077a9039.jpg photo IMG_4853_zps41b1bd73.jpg photo Fall2014-14_zps207ea727.jpg photo Fall2014-17_zps4aecb34e.jpg photo Fall2014-15_zpscf16edfe.jpg photo Fall2014-35_zpscf05c2a4.jpg photo Fall2014-26_zps36a86b55.jpg photo Fall2014-27_zps9cfae61b.jpg photo Fall2014-30_zpsad829eb2.jpg photo IMG_5015-5_zps167a5109.jpg photo Fall2014-18_zps0b3ea1e3.jpg photo Fall2014-19_zps8d169dc8.jpg

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