October 12, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 38 Weeks

 photo 38Weeks-5_zps8572f249.jpg photo 38Weeks-4_zpsd2cef398.jpg photo 38Weeks-1_zpsc0f9cb6e.jpg photo 38Weeks-3_zps83d8a7e0.jpg photo 38Weeks-2_zps57eee2e5.jpgClaire turned 38 weeks old today. I took these pictures of her yesterday while were at Beus pond scouting out some spots for some photo shoots I have coming up.  I love all of the pixie hats I crocheted on her.  I think she looks so cute in them!  I'm happy we're finally getting cooler weather so she can wear them more often.  This week she has been a busy girl.  She gets into Rory's crate pretty much every day now and crawls from room to room all day long.  She is still working on cutting her top two teeth.  Her gums are red and swollen and one tiny corner looks like it has cut through but still nothing more than that yet.  I had her drop her third nap for good this past week.  Her third nap was getting really sporadic and I could tell she was ready to go down to two.  Dropping her third nap has helped her go to sleep a bit earlier, so now she is in bed by 7 every night.  She loves to stand and walk around holding our fingers.  She stands up all the time and thinks that she knows how to walk by herself.  When I try and set her down on the ground she just stands and keeps her legs stiff so that I can't make her sit down.  It's pretty funny.  She will probably figure out walking by herself before too long.  Believe it or not, she only has one more week until she is 9 months old!     

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  1. She is so sweet! Her teeth are coming in so fast! I think those hats are so cute. You are so talented.