October 5, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 37 Weeks

 photo 37weeks-7_zps6928913d.jpg photo 37weeks_zpse90c745d.jpg photo 37weeks-2_zps6994eaa2.jpg photo 37weeks-6_zps25ef6d83.jpg photo 37weeks-5_zps65a61eab.jpg photo 37weeks-3_zps0ed6d00f.jpgClaire Olivia turned 37 weeks old today.  This past week I introduced her to sweet potato puffs and graham crackers.  She loved both!  She is a huge fan of real food and so far happily eats anything I give to her.  She's definitely been whinier then usually while she's still working on cutting her top two front teeth.  As of today the corner of the top right one has cut through.  Hopefully it won't be much longer until they both cut through so she will be happier.  Claire loves her daddy so much.  I'm always so glad when he is home when I take her weekly pictures, because he can always get the best smiles out of her.  She adores him, and it is the sweetest thing.  We both just love her so much!

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