October 8, 2014

A Quiet Book for Claire

 photo quietbook-1_zpsffce7b31.jpgA few weeks ago I finished Claire's Quiet Book, and I wanted to share how it turned out!  I have been working on it over the past few months during Claire's naps.  I decided to sew it all by hand since I have a huge assortment of embroidery thread in practically every color, and that way I wouldn't have to spend money on buying sewing machine thread in tons of colors.  It took a while to get it all finished, but I love how it turned out!   photo quietbook-2_zps850885b6.jpg photo quietbook-3_zpsbe89db8d.jpg photo quietbook-4_zpsaef97c27.jpg photo quietbook-5_zpsdae70012.jpg photo quietbook-6_zps4753952e.jpg photo quietbook-7_zps65857ff4.jpg photo quietbook-8_zpsec24d37b.jpg photo quietbook-9_zps16e18258.jpg photo quietbook-10_zpsf850bc71.jpg photo quietbook-11_zps09d95a03.jpg photo quietbook-12_zpsfcdca042.jpg photo quietbook-13_zps578c4d3d.jpg photo quietbook-14_zpsafc7726d.jpg photo quietbook-15_zps360c71c3.jpg photo quietbook-16_zps64e38b53.jpg photo quietbook-17_zps7d6d7bde.jpg photo quietbook-18_zps7e3c9fe3.jpg photo quietbook-19_zpsfcbe727f.jpg
I got most of the patterns for the quiet book from jocelynandjason.blogspot.com.  I found a few others just searching on pinterest, I'll have to post a link to those as well when I find the sites again.  I put all the pages on rings so that I can easily add to her book if I ever want to.  Claire's not quite old enough to use it yet, she just tries to eat it all the pieces right now, but in another 9 months or so I think she'll will enjoy it.  And I especially hope it will serve its purpose and help keep her quiet during church ;).

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