September 8, 2014

Peach Days

 photo peachdays-1_zps9f02f433.jpg photo peachdays-2_zps97412afe.jpg photo peachdays-3_zps12a7e0b5.jpg photo peachdays-4_zps0ef040af.jpg photo peachdays-5_zpse8b2804c.jpg photo peachdays-6_zpsef218642.jpg photo peachdays-7_zps7b8694b4.jpg photo peachdays-8_zpsb97a3ae3.jpg photo peachdays-9_zps31cc179d.jpg photo peachdays-12_zps31f6c0e8.jpgAfter Bryce got home from work on Saturday we decided to go to Peach Days in Brigham City. I had been wanting to go to one of the fruit stands in Brigham City and buy a 1/2 bushel of peaches anyway, so we thought it would be fun to go hang out at Peach Days while we there too.  We walked around the carnival rides and talked about how we couldn't wait until Claire was big enough to go on them.  We looked at all the booths, and fortunately for our wallets didn't find anything worth buying, except of course some fair food.  We stayed until about 8 and decided to call it a night when Claire started getting tired.  We stopped at a fruit stand on the way home and bought a big box of peaches (the main reason for the trip)!  I already made a big batch of baby food with some, and then froze a bunch of them so we can eat them all winter & use them in smoothies or baking recipes.  I also have plans to make some freezer jam and my pinterest boards are quickly filling up with all kinds of peach desserts.  I think I might even be brave enough to try making my first pie!  If it turns out good I'll be sure and share the recipe :).  

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