September 6, 2014

Little Jail Bird

 photo JailBird-4_zps61ad5b4e.jpg
I picked up these new jammies for Claire on my Labor Day shopping trip. I thought they looked so cute on her! I had to get out the camera and take some pictures.  Bryce kept calling her a little jail bird while she was wearing them. The cutest little jail bird you've ever seen ;). photo JailBird-1_zps026afef4.jpg photo JailBird-3_zps59da2bf9.jpg photo JailBird-2_zps898d99f9.jpgThis is probably the third time Claire has pulled herself up to the entertainment center. Luckily, since I had gotten the camera out earlier I was able to snap a few quick pictures. She is getting so big! She is getting into everything lately, and as a result keeping me very, very busy!


  1. I LOVE her lips and her cheeks in that second picture!!!!

    1. Me too! I don't think there's anything cuter than baby cheeks!