September 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Lydi!

Yesterday we celebrated Claire's best friend (my niece) Lydia's birthday. I can't believe my sweet little niece is 1 year old!  Her actual birthday is tomorrow, but they celebrated a few days early so all of the family could be there.   photo IMG_3278_zps68f735a9.jpg photo IMG_3280_zpscf06a2b1.jpg photo IMG_3281_zps3cc0ac27.jpg photo IMG_3276_zpsddae668e.jpgThese two are really becoming little besties.  It is so much fun seeing them together!  I remember when Laci and I were both pregnant and we talked about how we couldn't wait for our girls to be friends...and now it's totally happening :). photo IMG_3316_zpsce65a7d7.jpg
My brother, uncle Rhett to Lydia & Claire, bought Lydia this four-wheeler for her birthday.  To say she LOVED it would be an understatement.  She goes on four-wheeler rides at her grandparents houses all the time so she totally had the drill down already.  As soon as she climbed onto it she was waving bye-bye to everyone expecting her little four wheeler to take off!  It was so funny. photo IMG_3349_zpsb2d1c85b.jpg
 photo IMG_3342_zps763112ae.jpg photo IMG_3345_zpsf3fc61cf.jpgClaire was pretty intrigued with the four-wheeler too and kept crawling over and pulling herself up to examine it. We let her and Lydia go for a little "ride" together ;). photo IMG_3373_zpsf5b52ed2.jpg
I just love this little girl.  She is such a fun, spunky baby.  I think she and Claire will be getting into a lot of trouble together in a few years ;).

Happy Birthday Lydi Bug! 

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