September 12, 2014

Claire's First Plum

 photo plum-1_zpsd79a5fc8.jpg photo plum_zps1f6b922f.jpg photo plum-3_zpsd321eae2.jpg photo plum-10_zps3854609b.jpg photo plum2_zps113f0b47.jpg
I put Claire in her highchair yesterday while I was trying to finish making dinner.  It was almost time for her to eat so she was getting a little impatient with her hunger.  I pulled a plum out of the fridge, and handed it to her to keep her occupied for a few minutes. I thought she'd mostly hold it and play with it and maybe bite it a little with her two teeth.  I went back to work and started chopping some veggies and heard her start squealing happily.  I turned around and saw her completely demolishing the plum.  She was loving it!  It was one of the funniest things I've seen.  She was seriously attacking it.   I quickly peeled off her clothes before she could stain them with the plum juice she was getting everywhere.  I grabbed my camera so I could document the first of what I'm sure will be many, messy high chair pictures.  

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