September 29, 2014

Claire's First Bubble Bath

 photo Bubblebath-2_zpsd1894c65.jpg photo Bubblebath-1_zps75d4df3b.jpg photo Bubblebath-3_zpsab8581e7.jpg photo Bubblebath-4_zpsd51f29e0.jpg photo Bubblebath-5_zps3ade7207.jpg photo Bubblebath-6_zps372ef07e.jpgSaturday night, Bryce and I gave Claire her first bubble bath!  She loves taking baths in the big tub, and she was pretty fascinated with all the bubbles.  She squealed and splashed and would have happily spent an hour in there if I would have let her.  She kept trying to grab handfuls of bubbles, it was so funny.  Every little part of motherhood is kind of like magic, but there is something extra special in getting to see your baby experience all these "firsts." 

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