September 28, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 36 Weeks

 photo 36weeks-2_zpsb4a71454.jpg photo 36weeks-1_zpsd82c8e59.jpg photo 36weeks-3_zpsbc44583d.jpg photo 36weeks-4_zps5b385652.jpg photo 36weeks-5_zpsc1576ce6.jpg photo 36weeks-7_zpsa579b6ef.jpg Claire turned 36 Weeks old today. We're continuing to baby proof around the house, since she is figuring out how to get into everything.  She loves to pull herself on things to stand and she has started walking along the length of the couch.  She also loves to walk when we hold her fingers.  She lifts her legs really high with each step, almost like high knees.  It's pretty adorable.  Anytime she sees me eating she crawls to me as fast as she can and opens her mouth like a little baby bird until I share a taste with her.  She loves real food and will eat pretty much anything I give to her.  Her two top teeth are getting closer at cutting through.  I'm guessing they'll pop through in the next few weeks or so.  Claire is just a dream baby, she makes this mom business so much fun!  

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