September 14, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 34 Weeks

 photo 34Weeks-1_zps9f224dc4.jpg photo 34Weeks-2_zps13ac06d8.jpg photo 34Weeks-4_zps436b4384.jpg photo 34Weeks-3_zps6b48fbb1.jpg photo 34Weeks-7_zps5a67aab4.jpg photo 34Weeks-5_zps828b4696.jpg photo 34Weeks-6_zpsdd072b02.jpgMy sweet little Claire Olivia turned 34 weeks old today. She is really thinking she is ready to be a big kid. She pulls her up on things so she is standing all the time. She crawls really fast now. If I leave the room she thinks its kind of a game. She gets all excited and crawls after me as fast as she can. I've officially entered the stage where I can no longer go to the bathroom alone. She always comes and finds me :). She has also discovered the dog food & water bowls. Any chance she gets she takes off through the kitchen to try to get to them before I get to her. I can't hardly leave her alone in a room now since she gets into everything. She's keeping me extra busy, but it is so much fun! I think she may either be teething or getting a cold because she has had a runny nose the past couple days and has been extra cuddly (cute and sad at the same time).  She has started to love kids and other babies.  She gets so excited and squeals and claps when she sees them.  She was extra noisy during Sacrament Meeting today, squealing at all of the kids in the rows behind us.  She kept Bryce & me and the other families around us very entertained.  I say stuff like this all the time, but really, I love this girl more than words can say!   

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