September 8, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 33 Weeks

 photo 33weeks-1_zpscd497fb7.jpg photo 33weeks-2_zps305cbf9d.jpg photo 33weeks-4_zps1ab17180.jpg photo 33weeks-3_zps2921226c.jpg photo 33weeks-5_zps1f02a710.jpgClaire turned 33 weeks old today.  She is still doing great with a 4 hour schedule.  It's amazing how much more freedom we have to do things with a 4 hour schedule.  It is seriously the best :).  I gave her peaches for the first time on Saturday and she really liked them.  I gave them to her plain and mixed them with her oatmeal Sunday morning and she ate them really well both ways.  She is doing pretty good with solids, although there are definitely some foods she'll willingly eat better than others.  I read to just keep feeding them foods they don't like anyway, so that you don't enforce or enable picky eating.  Supposedly they eventually learn to like or at least tolerate the foods they didn't use to like.  I usually feed her something she likes and something she doesn't like at the same time, that way I can get her to open her mouth for the food she likes and then I'll sneak a few bites of a food in she doesn't like until she stops opening her mouth.  Then I switch back to the food she likes.  This method works pretty well and it helps me make sure she gets a wide variety of nutrients from different foods.  She has loved her new found mobility and is discovering all kinds of things around the house.  She figured out how to pull open the bottom drawer in our bathroom and loves to pull everything out and examine it while I'm in there getting ready for the day. She has gotten really attached to her baby quilt I made for her.  If we take that with us she'll fall asleep pretty much anywhere.  She even fell asleep on my lap holding her blanket during sacrament meeting today.  It was fun getting to hold her again while she slept, since I haven't been able to do that since she was a few months old! Claire has the sweetest temperament and is getting such a fun personality.  I feel like the luckiest mom.  I love spending every day with her! 

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