September 1, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 32 Weeks

 photo 32weeks-3_zpseb50cb9e.jpg photo 32weeks-2_zpsc60b71c2.jpg photo 32weeks-1_zps5f5b62e8.jpg photo 32weeks_zps9e6b5ae7.jpg photo 32weeks-6_zpsebae716b.jpg photo 32weeks-7_zpsf4f5fbfc.jpg photo 32weeks-8_zpsa2f9a598.jpgClaire turned 32 weeks old yesterday.  She is such a busy girl lately.  She crawls everywhere and explores everything.  It takes her longer to put herself to sleep for naps & at bedtime because she just crawls around and plays in her crib.  I'll walk by and find her sitting up playing and talking to herself.  Then she gets a huge grin and squeals when she sees me peeking on her.  This past week she also pulled herself up holding the entertainment center so she was standing!  She is getting really strong from crawling around all day.  She still jabbers a lot and her new word she always says is "dadada".  Now Bryce gets to rub it in that she won't say "mamama" anymore and only says "dadada."  Her new favorite food is spaghetti.  I made it for dinner this past week and we mashed some up for her to try.  She LOVED it.  She's just wanted to keep eating and eating it.  We're going to start trying to feed her more mashed up table food and see if she'll eat better since she seems to like that much better than purees.  Oh, and finally the biggest milestone was that we finally achieved the 4 hour schedule.  She is finally eating solids well enough that she will go 4 hours between feedings.  It has been so so nice!  Claire and I are both patting ourselves on the back for that one.

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