August 8, 2014

Rory & Claire

 photo RoryampClaire-1_zpsd193a565.jpg photo RoryampClaire-3_zps8c57b0be.jpg photo RoryampClaire-4_zps03c736b1.jpg photo RoryampClaire-5_zps0c61ff7a.jpg photo RoryampClaire-6_zpseeb5ba02.jpg photo RoryampClaire-8_zps19df06e2.jpgRory & Claire have both finally discovered each other's existence recently and they are becoming good buddies.  Claire gets so excited when Rory comes in the room and she army crawls as fast as she can to wherever Rory is laying on the floor.  Rory lays there patiently and lets Claire grab her fur by the handful and crawl all over her.  She also makes sure she gives Claire a fair share of licking for having to put up with her ;).  It is so fun to see them finally interacting and it makes my heart so happy to see them playing and getting along so well already!    

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