August 19, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 7 Months

 photo 7months-1_zps38117a63.jpg Dear Claire,

Today you turned 7 months old!  You are officially past the half-way point of your first year of life.  Lots of changes are happening.  You army crawl all over the place and get into everything.  Your favorite things to go after as of late are electrical cords, cell phones, and shoe laces.  Baby-proofing has commenced!  You have two little bottom teeth.  They are pretty cute, but sometimes they aren't so cute when you chomp down on mine or your dad's fingers. photo 7months-2_zpsd127b6b5.jpg photo 7months-3_zpsaf988378.jpg
You love sleeping and you get super excited when we put you in your crib for naps and bedtime.  We give you your blanket and you pull it into your face with both hands and put yourself to sleep all snuggled up.  Hopefully these sleep habits will stick through your toddler years!   photo Claire7mo_zps9ba53dca.jpgYou've been kind of hit and miss with solids.  Last week you were eating them three times a day and seemed to like them quite a bit.  This week you want nothing to do with them.  You clamp your mouth shut, turn your head, and whine every time I try feeding you.  I'm not sure what's going on, but probably in a few days you'll decide you like them again. photo 7months-6_zpsc3a7123e.jpgWe took you on your fist camping trip a few weeks ago to Tony's Grove and Bear Lake.  I think you are a born camper.  You did so great!  You loved being outside so much and you loved swimming in Bear Lake, even if it was a little cold.   photo 7months-7_zps10c40b93.jpg photo 7months-8_zps61f57966.jpgYou are starting to notice more when someone else (not mom) is holding you.  Sometimes you will whine a little and reach for me if you are tired or sick of being passed around.  The first time you did this my heart could've burst!  I like that you are so easy going and will go to anyone but I felt so loved when you reached for me because you wanted your mom.  I have been waiting for that day for a while :)  I'm glad you know who I am!  photo 7months-10_zps11cf5dfe.jpgYou are getting so close to really crawling.  You'll take a few "steps" on your hands and knees but then you usually lose your balance and sprawl out on your belly.  I think  you will probably have it figured out in another month or so.  You have sort of figured out how to drink out of your sippy cup.  You suck out water, but you keep sucking and just let the water spill out of your mouth instead of swallowing it.  Your shirts always end up soaked.  Hopefully you'll get the hang of it soon so I don't have to keep changing your shirts so often.  

You have the tiniest little voice. It is so sweet.  You don't really ever cry, you just sort of whimper.  It's this tiny little whine, and it is so cute we usually can't help but laugh.  You also stick out your bottom lip still when you get really sad.  I have yet to get a picture of this because it doesn't happen very often.  I really need to.  Your pouty lip is the cutest!   photo 7months-9_zps2c7a141c.jpg
You still have lots of brown hair, and big brown eyes.  You've lost some of your hair but you are hanging on to a long section on the top and then all the hair on the sides and back is short.  It's pretty funny.  Everywhere we go people always say you look just like your mom.  I've only heard two people say you looked like your dad.  Although, I see some of your dad in you, especially in some of your expressions.  It will be fun to see if who you look like changes as you grow older.

I took all of your previous months pictures in your white rocking chair, but you are so mobile now that you try and crawl out.  I can't really take pictures of you in them unless someone else is there to watch you and grab you if you try to climb out.  I guess the consistency of your monthly pictures is out the window now.  Oh well, I'm at least keeping the fox in the pictures to compare your growth.

You are the sweetest little girl.  You really make motherhood a dream come true.  You have made me happier than you'll ever know.

I love you too much,



  1. So precious!!! That's true, I do see a lot of you in her! She is a BEAUTIFUL baby! :)