August 24, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 31 Weeks

 photo 31weeks2-1_zps2ca39310.jpg photo 31weeks2-2_zps610a8d1d.jpg photo 31weeks2-3_zpsc40caaf4.jpg photo 31weeks2-4_zpsd8a2e8f3.jpg photo 31weeks2-5_zpscdee6af5.jpg photo 31weeks2-6_zps8d9ba917.jpg photo 31weeks2-7_zps3489f5ed.jpgClaire Olivia turned 31 weeks old today.  She is really cruising now in development.  She has figured out how to crawl for real now and will do it for a bit until she gets tired and then she goes back to army crawling.  She can sit up by herself from a crawling position and also pulls herself up on to her knees so she is kneeling.  She learned how to clap a few days ago and does it all the time now when she is happy or excited.  It is the cutest thing ever!  We also found 2 foods she really likes, avocado chunks & yogurt!  She has also started jabbering a lot and says mamama and bababa all the time.  Obviously she doesn't know what she's saying yet, but I like to pretend and tease Bryce that mama was already her first word ;).

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