August 18, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 30 Weeks

 photo IMG_2381_zpsc2902de5.jpg photo IMG_2383_zps9a7741e4.jpg photo 30weeks-1_zpsd4383f53.jpg photo 30weeks-3_zpsc24dbc01.jpg photo 30weeks-1_zpsda36c710.jpg  photo 30weeks-2_zps951a5a7b.jpgClaire turned 30 weeks old today.  She is now eating solids 3 times a day, and eating them really well (finally)!  I am having the hardest time trying to get her on a 4 hour schedule, but maybe now that she's eating solids more consistently we'll finally get it.  Claire has gotten really fast at her army crawl.  I'll have to post another little video.  She is getting curious and has started to try to get into anything she can reach.  She is super close to figuring out how to really crawl and she rocks back and forth on her hands and knees all the time.  She is pretty skinny and a lot of her 6 month clothes are still pretty big on her, but at least she'll get to wear them longer!  I love her so much.  She brings so much joy to our lives every single day.


  1. That last picture of her cheeks... adorable!!!! I bet you kiss them all day! ;) I am so obsessed with baby cheeks hehe

    1. I do kiss them all day long :) Sweet, chubby baby cheeks are the best!