August 10, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 29 Weeks

 photo 29-1_zps0ba27184.jpg photo 29-4_zpsf0a715f5.jpg photo 29-5_zpsa345af7a.jpg photo 29-7_zpsdf522ac7.jpg photo 29-8_zps076dbfd1.jpgClaire turned 29 Weeks old today. My mother-in-law made her this adorable jumper and it is her most favorite thing ever. She loves it so much. She would hang out in there and jump all day long if I let her. This past week she has finally started to eat solids really well. I thinks she's been having a growth spurt because she has been eating and sleeping a ton. She stills sleeps all the way through the night & takes 3 naps. I haven't been successful at getting her on a 4 hour schedule yet, she still wants to eat every 3 hours. I'm hoping now that she finally is eating more solids maybe we can finally reach our goal of a 4 hour schedule. She is still a really mellow, sweet baby. She rarely cries and will pretty much go to anyone. One day maybe she will prefer her mama over every one else ;). She is getting really good at her "army crawl" and can go pretty fast. And her other tooth cut through so she now has 2 teeth!


  1. Kami, she is SO CUTE. Seriously. I wish we lived closer so her and Emma could be friends!!

  2. I think she and Emma would be good buddies! Move back to Utah :)