August 3, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 28 Weeks

 photo 28Weeks-1_zps0d3cf5f1.jpg photo 28Weeks-2_zps1675bfb0.jpg photo 28Weeks-3_zps5eb1b9f9.jpg photo 28Weeks-4_zpsaaeb9cc6.jpg photo 28Weeks-5_zpsc6b5080f.jpg photo 28Weeks-6_zpse4e2c8b3.jpgClaire turned 28 weeks old today. This week she went on her first camping trip. She was a born camper. She did so good! She has been cutting her second tooth over the past few days (during our camping trip). I wouldn't have even known if I hadn't been checking out her tooth that has already come in. So far teething hasn't seemed to really phase her too much. She has also been getting really good at her little army crawl. Now that she knows she can move, she rarely holds still once you put her down. She rolls and crawls across the floor all day long. She must wear herself out doing this because she has been taking really long naps lately and still sleeping through the night!  Her tooth will probably cut through all the way in the next couple of days so by the next update she will have two teeth.  I can't believe she is big enough to have teeth!  It's always bittersweet watching her grow and reach milestones.

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