July 25, 2014

Pioneer Day 2014

We celebrated Pioneer day yesterday by first going to the Pioneer Day Parade in Ogden. 
 photo IMG_1499_zpsc3d843bf.jpg photo IMG_1501_zps49aae89e.jpg photo IMG_1492_zps07708c35.jpg
Claire had a nice, shaded, front row seat in her stroller.  She loved watching all the floats and especially liked all of the high school marching bands.  This girl seriously loves music!  Rory loved all of the people around and tried to snuggle up to anyone that would pet her.
 photo IMG_1497_zps544291f1.jpg photo IMG_1505_zps1658e1cf.jpg photo IMG_1507_zpsdea9ddc2.jpg photo IMG_1538_zps94de7281.jpg photo IMG_1548_zps994e9f53.jpgHere are a few pictures from the parade.  There were quite a few floats, but hardly any candy was thrown.  Bryce was especially disappointed about that.  My favorite float was the one in the last picture that had replicas of the old and new Ogden Temples. photo IMG_1526_zps18715493.jpg photo IMG_1528_zpsdc8acc5c.jpg photo IMG_1530_zpse1323c70.jpg
Here are a few shots Bryce took of Claire & me hanging out during part of the parade.

Later in the day when it was super hot we decided to go to Pineview and go swimming.  Thanks to a recommendation from my friend we found the perfect baby-floatie for Claire!  While Bryce was blowing up her little tube, I worked on getting her in the water slowly so she would get used to it. When I first started putting more of her body in past her legs she didn't seem like she was going to like it.  She kind of pouted her bottom lip and whined like she was going to cry.  Bryce got done blowing up her tube so we just decided to go for it and put her all the way in.  She kind of gasped at the initial shock of the cold water, but after a couple seconds her body got used to the water and she loved it!  She was kicking her legs, splashing, and giggling the whole time.  We had so much fun!  Here's a little video and lots of pictures from Claire's first swim.
 photo IMG_1553_zps5fa8f4f7.jpg photo IMG_1554_zps78fed975.jpg photo IMG_1557_zps61e8c231.jpg photo IMG_1558_zps3ec64f6a.jpg photo IMG_1559_zps7cd3abc4.jpg photo IMG_1563_zpsbeb731a8.jpg photo IMG_1575_zps95ef6fb5.jpg
 photo IMG_1574_zps52ecc3a7.jpg
 photo IMG_1565_zps2760e4ea.jpg
 photo IMG_1567_zps684df831.jpgRory loves the water too.  She made Bryce play fetch with her the whole time.  Bryce would throw sticks out into the water and Rory would swim out and get them and then swim all the way back with them hanging out of her mouth.  It was pretty funny to watch.   photo IMG_1584_zpsecf66053.jpg photo IMG_1585_zps0cf3ad19.jpg
 photo IMG_1582_zps21412da4.jpg
While Bryce & Rory played fetch, Claire and I took a little break and warmed up on the beach.  After we finished swimming we went home for dinner and early bedtimes for all of us.  Bryce was taking the MCAT the next morning so he needed to go bed early, Claire was super tired from a long day, and ever since becoming a mom I never pass up the chance for an early bedtime ;).  We missed the fireworks (Claire hasn't seen them yet since she fell asleep early on the 4th too), but next year we promised we are going to make sure we take Claire to a really good firework show to make up for it!

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