July 19, 2014

Claire's 6 Month Pictures

 photo IMG_1345_zps020b51d2.jpgClaire turns 6 months old today! I took her 6 month pictures a few nights ago. Here are a few of my favorites! You can see the rest of the photos from the shoot on my photography blog here. Happy 6 month birthday Claire Olivia! I love you too much.  I'll be posting your letter in the next blog post when you take your next nap :). photo IMG_1353_zpsbce9ecbc.jpg photo IMG_1352_zps2d0d566e.jpg photo IMG_1360_zps450412ab.jpg photo IMG_1382_zps326b6ecd.jpg photo IMG_1384_zpsf4af7aab.jpg photo IMG_1386_zpsc665e8ee.jpg photo IMG_1388_zpsec532cb1.jpg photo IMG_1390_zpsf2a75f6d.jpg photo IMG_1391_zpsd1583f74.jpg photo IMG_1445_zpsb30da349.jpg photo IMG_1436_zpseeb19ceb.jpg
 photo IMG_1437-2_zpsb2bf86ab.jpg photo IMG_1462_zps1fed2b85.jpgDisclaimer: I know this black flower headband is HUGE.  I thought I'd take a few pictures with her wearing it and see if I liked it.  At first I hated it, but then when I was editing the pictures it kind of grew on me.  I'd probably never have her wear it in public, but it's cute for pictures ;). 

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