July 19, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 6 Months

 photo IMG_1410-2_zpsbabb3acf.jpgDear Claire,

Happy Half Birthday!  Today you turned 6 months old.  I feel like this is a really big milestone in babyhood.  You are growing so much and learning how to do so many new things.  You roll, wiggle, and scoot all over the place.  Lately, you have been pushing up on your knees, much to my dismay, I think you will be crawling sooner than later.  You aren't really doing too well with our deal of you not being allowed to grow anymore ;).  We have your doctor's appointment on Monday so I will have to update this afterwards with your height and weight.   photo IMG_1406-2_zps40bbbb04.jpg
A few of your favorite things right now are your stuffed elephant, Rory, and the tags on blankets and stuffed animals. You love to suck on the tags and can find them on almost anything! You are starting to get really observant and pay attention to little details like buttons, zippers, and snaps on clothing and things.  You also love watching Rory now.  You've finally discovered we have a dog and you watch her all day long.  You love grabbing her fur and you get really excited whenever she comes up and licks you. 
 photo IMG_1422_zps27ea8253.jpg
You haven't cut any teeth yet, but your two front bottom ones are looking pretty close.  You love to gnaw on cold celery sticks and apple slices.  I have found that these work as the best teethers for you!  Although, mine and your dad's knuckles work pretty good too when we're in a pinch.
 photo IMG_1397_zpsee03e067.jpg
You aren't a huge fan of solids yet.  I try to get you to eat them 2-3 times a day.  Some days you'll eat really well, but most days after 4-5 bites you are done.  If I try to get you to eat more you just gag and get mad.  Hopefully you'll start liking them more eventually.  You have also started to show that you have a little bit of a temper (you probably got it from me).  You are always trying to swipe my phone or iPod and chew on them.  If you are successful at swiping it and get it in your mouth, when I take it away you get super mad at me and cry angrily.  At this age I find it pretty cute and it usually just makes me laugh.  In the future when you are older....I probably won't find it as funny.  photo IMG_1400_zps8e230daf.jpgYou love music. Anytime music plays you get excited and start kicking your legs and wiggling. Sometimes I put on Curious George for you to watch, and you LOVE the intro during the music. You get super excited every time I turn it on. I recorded a video of you watching it that's posted below.
You are just the sweetest baby.  You bring so much happiness into mine and your dad's lives.  We're so lucky you are ours.

I love you too much!



P.S. Today is Monday the 21st.  We went to the doctor and you got your 6 month shots.  You did pretty good.  You were a little more vocal and cried more than you have in the past.  You weigh 15 pounds 10 ounces, and are 26 1/2 inches long; 40 percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height.    

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