July 27, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 27 Weeks

 photo 27weeks-1_zpsd34c5571.jpg photo 27weeks-2_zpsb6720719.jpg photo 27weeks-3_zps484859ca.jpg photo 27weeks-5_zpsc87d912f.jpg photo 27weeks-6_zps8d35408e.jpg photo 27weeks-8_zpsaf305505.jpg photo 27weeks-9_zpsd6534b8a.jpg Claire turned 27 weeks today!  This has been a big week for her.  She got her 6 month shots on Monday, she made her first attempts at crawling, she got her first sippy cup, and she cut her first tooth!  We also took her swimming for the first time and she loved it.  This has been a very busy week for her!  I still can't believe my little baby has gotten so big and is learning all these new things.  I really love this age though.  Claire is so fun to play with and it is so much fun watching her learn and discover new things!  


  1. She is adorable!! I wish we lived closer so her and Emma could be friends!!!

    1. I know, that would be so fun! I think they would be really good buddies :)