July 6, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 24 Weeks

 photo IMG_0518_zps2b6c345a.jpg photo IMG_0503-2_zps2217c694.jpg photo 4thjuly1_zps5a694c33.jpg photo IMG_0508_zpsb010411e.jpg photo IMG_0512_zps6522aea1.jpg photo IMG_0516_zps3b8810a9.jpg photo IMG_0517_zpsbcf3a589.jpg photo IMG_0523_zps1c5644fb.jpg photo IMG_0531_zps41c3d2bf.jpgClaire turned 24 weeks old today. The pictures are actually from the 4th of July though (but I'm sure she hasn't grown much in two days).  She is getting really playful and social at this age.  It is so much fun!  She loves to smile and "talk" to everyone.  She has also started rolling around constantly going from her back to her belly all day long.  She is a very wiggly, happy girl!  We were dying over her wearing the sunglasses, that's why there are so many pictures. I had a hard time narrowing them down.  She is just too cute!

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