July 16, 2014

Catching the Last Few Rays of Sun

 photo IMG_1285_zpsc2f56a8a.jpgLast night after Claire was fed, bathed, and in her jammies we had a few extra minutes before bedtime so I grabbed my camera and we headed outside to catch the last few rays of sunshine.  It's not like this blog has too many pictures of Claire already ;) photo IMG_1296_zpsea66f819.jpg
I love her little dimpled baby hands.
 photo IMG_1300_zps1473266e.jpg photo IMG_1301_zps2ec7a56f.jpg photo IMG_1315_zps9a08d90e.jpg photo IMG_1323_zps6e18a80e.jpg photo IMG_1333_zps8750a946.jpg photo IMG_1334_zps0063511c.jpg
It's pretty evident in these pictures that she LOVES being outside.

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