July 14, 2014

Beach Day

 photo IMG_1150_zpsc57e8bf7.jpgThis past weekend we took a little trip to Pineview Reservoir and had a family beach day. We found a nice little set up in the shade so Claire wouldn't get too much sun. We had a picnic and splashed our toes in the water. Claire really liked splashing and wiggling her feet in the water.  We had a lot of fun but we only had time to stay for a few hours so we're hoping to go back again next weekend.  We want to find a baby floatie or something so we can take Claire out into the water and have her swim with us!   photo IMG_1154_zpsbb8e596b.jpg photo IMG_1156_zps1ae1f7f2.jpg photo IMG_1161_zpsf7e474b3.jpg photo IMG_1162_zps3e4d7c08.jpg photo IMG_1163_zps9024d92a.jpg photo IMG_1165_zps2189e9d9.jpg photo IMG_1167_zps0f36d3b2.jpg photo IMG_1182_zpsa166a116.jpg photo IMG_1184_zps49527177.jpg photo IMG_1192_zpsb3684dd2.jpg photo IMG_1185_zps9c5a84b2.jpg photo IMG_1186_zps66db9cce.jpg photo IMG_1187_zps3d4124bc.jpg photo IMG_1189_zpsbb2f4fdf.jpg photo IMG_1191_zpsdaa6d49f.jpg photo IMG_1173_zpsbeb95412.jpg photo IMG_1175_zps72171dc3.jpg photo IMG_1177-2_zps4a322674.jpg photo IMG_1179_zps7d9f300d.jpg
I love weekends when Bryce gets to be with us all day. Family outings are just the best!

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