July 5, 2014

4th of July 2014

 photo IMG_0497_zps0ee70588.jpg
Claire's first 4th of July yesterday was a success! First we took her to the Morgan parade in the morning with Bryce's family. Claire  had a front row seat in her nice shaded stroller.  She squealed excitedly as she watched all of the floats go by.  After the parade we went to my parents and had lunch with them. We hung out there for a while so Claire (& Bryce) could take a nap. After they woke up my mom went with us to a concert in Henefer where we met up with my grandparents. Claire hadn't taken very good naps so I was worried she was going to get really grumpy. Luckily she didn't, and she loved all of the music! It kept her wide awake the whole time. We left the concert a little early and headed back to Morgan, for the finale of the night, to watch the fireworks at Bryce's parent's house.  Claire had fallen asleep by this point so she missed the firework show, but I'm sure she'll enjoy them more next year when she's bigger anyway!  My favorite part of the day was probably getting an excuse to be twiners with Claire with our heart sunglasses :).  Happy Independence day!  Cue the picture overload: photo IMG_0496_zpseea2f846.jpg photo IMG_0494_zpsfc9e0b72.jpg photo IMG_0487_zps52e93ff8.jpg photo IMG_0485_zpsaf2be839.jpg photo IMG_0466_zpsff55e9c1.jpg photo IMG_0467_zps9de7ccc2.jpg photo IMG_0469_zpsbd1417af.jpg photo IMG_0470_zpsc5b411c6.jpg photo IMG_0471_zps19c87ee7.jpg photo IMG_0475_zps56630adc.jpg photo IMG_0477_zpsaf12d954.jpg photo IMG_0480_zps0fc6514b.jpg photo IMG_0481_zpse9cbd27d.jpg photo IMG_0484_zps70e8a369.jpg photo IMG_0503_zps955b44d7.jpg


  1. Love the cute sunglasses. She is adorable! It sounds like your 4th of July was so fun! I am glad she wasn't too grumpy and got some sleep!

    1. Thanks Jenna, you are always so sweet!