June 7, 2014

Splash Pad

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Yesterday I took Claire to the splash pad for the first time.  She can't really do much there as a 4 1/2 month old, so basically it was just an excuse for me to put her in her swimsuit :)  Here she is patiently waiting in her stroller.
 photo DSC_0197_zpsaa4e1251.jpg  photo DSC_0199_zps7b74661f.jpgMy sister and Claire's best little friend, Lydia, came with us too!
 photo DSC_0202_zps70193076.jpg  photo DSC_0205_zpsa4e80c4e.jpg  photo DSC_0206_zpsb0116b7f.jpg  photo DSC_0209_zps92f4e135.jpg  photo DSC_0212_zps378dc087.jpg  photo DSC_0217_zpsa6b42365.jpg    photo DSC_0225_zps6323c60a.jpg  photo DSC_0226_zps188af7b3.jpg 
You can't tell very well in these pictures since the water is kind of in the way, but Lydia wasn't quite sure if she liked the water splashing or not.
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 photo DSC_0235_zpse88f826f.jpg
 photo DSC_0236_zpsbdc2f514.jpg
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 photo DSC_0227_zpsf3d4508e.jpg
 photo DSC_0228_zps220953f7.jpg  photo DSC_0229_zps1feff8f5.jpg  photo DSC_0230_zps4ade8705.jpg
 photo DSC_0231_zps3b5dde02.jpgSurprisingly Claire actually liked it (or tolerated it really well)!  We just put her feet in the water and let her kick her legs around.  She didn't seem to mind it at all.  I called Bryce after and told him how much she liked the water.  It was a proud Dad moment for him haha.  It looks like Claire is going to be a little water baby!

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  1. Kami, she is so so cute! And that swimming suit is adorable!! I can't wait to bring camille to some water (beside bath time). It looks like a bunch.of fun!