June 11, 2014

Running Again

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One of the main goals I had for my recovery after having Claire was to be able to run again.  The first couple of months while my leg was recovering from the nerve damage, that goal hardly seemed possible.  I had to use a walker for 2-3 weeks after I had Claire.  Then I was able to walk with a really exaggerated limp.  After about 3 1/2 months all of the numbness was gone and my leg had almost all of the movement and function back, but the muscles were really weak from not being used for so long.  I couldn't push off my toes when I walked so I had to use an AFO brace that would basically lift my foot for me with each step.  Once I could walk well again with the assistance of the brace I went for a walk every single day.  I would load Claire up in the stroller and put Rory on her leash.  We would walk for about 45 minutes every day. I have a Polar Fit watch that has a heart rate monitor and tracks how many calories I burn.  I would power walk and keep my heart rate in the 'fat burning' calorie zone the whole time.  I really pushed myself so I was getting some cardio exercise while strengthening my leg muscles at the same time.  I also would do 45-60 minutes of Pilates every day.  There are a lot of low-impact leg strengthening and balance exercises that were a life saver in building my leg muscles back.
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(This was the result of a 30 minute run and 1 hour of pilates)
All of my efforts have finally paid off.  On Monday I achieved my goal and ran again for the first time, and I've ran every day since!  After almost five months, I don't have to use a brace anymore and my leg is finally back to normal.  I can't even begin to describe how good it feels to be running again.  I was so happy after my first run I could've cried!  This whole experience has made me appreciate my body so much.  It is amazing what our bodies can go through and how they can heal themselves.  I am so very grateful to have a healthy body that allows me to live & breath, and push & strengthen myself every single day.  I hope I remember to never take it for granted again.  


  1. I had to use an AFO brace for while after my car accident because of nerve damage. I'm glad your leg is doing better!

    1. Oh I didn't know that McKinzie! Then you can totally relate :) And thank you!

  2. I feel like labor is big enough of a change for our bodies and is hard on them enough, without the nerve damage on top of that!! I am glad to hear you're doing better though! :)