June 12, 2014

Claire's First Food

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Yesterday we fed Claire her first food, pureed avocado!  She has been showing some signs of signs of interest and her pediatrician encouraged us to start sooner than later as there is new research showing starting babies around 4 months results in them less likely to develop allergies and asthma when they are older.  I was planning on waiting until she was 6 months until her doctor told me all of this, and she will be 5 months next week so we decided to go ahead and see how she did with solids.  We had a lot of fun feeding Claire, but I don't think she was quite so sure about it :).  

 photo DSC_0065_zpsce24170d.jpg  photo DSC_0066_zps613da8c7.jpg photo DSC_0069_zps69c64e27.jpg  photo DSC_0071_zps2921efcf.jpg  photo DSC_0074_zpsd218e314.jpg  photo DSC_0073_zpscc971df7.jpg  photo DSC_0075_zps0e62fd90.jpg  photo DSC_0080_zps1280d6f5.jpg photo DSC_0082_zps4b3a32da.jpg photo DSC_0078_zpsf6ca0232.jpg photo DSC_0087_zps78b4bb78.jpg  photo DSC_0089_zps2b6ec769.jpg  photo DSC_0092_zps582d0b43.jpg  photo DSC_0097_zpsb6df4ffb.jpg
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We're planning on introducing her to solids slowly until she gets the hang of it.  She hasn't quite figured out the swallowing concept so it mostly just ended up all over her face.  I'm excited to keep practicing with her and see which foods she likes best!     

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