June 22, 2014

Cherry Picking

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Our house has a gigantic cherry tree in the yard, and this is our third summer getting to enjoy as many cherries as we can stand.  Cherry picking seemed like an appropriate activity to ring in the Summer Soltice, so yesterday we spent the evening picking (and eating) cherries until our fingers were stained red.  Claire loved being outside with us.  She laid on her blanket happily squealing and kicking her legs the whole time.  Rory was with us too but she was too busy running around trying to eat all of the stray cherries on the ground that I wasn't ever able to get a picture of her.  

We have so many cherries now, I don't know what to do with them all!  I pureed some of them into baby food & froze it for when Claire is older.  We mostly eat them raw, but I need to get creative and come up with more ways to use them!  (besides Cherry Pie, I'm not really a fan).  If you have any ideas or good recipes send them my way!   

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