April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

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We had so much fun celebrating Easter this past weekend.  It was the first big holiday we've celebrated with Claire.  In our Easter basket we got Cadbury mini eggs and I made homemade Reeses eggs (only a few are pictured but the recipe I used made a whole cookie sheet full!).  I sewed Claire's Easter dress and made her a matching bow.  

Saturday morning Claire and I went shopping with my mom, Laci, and Lydia. My mom had us pick out Easter outfits for our girls.  We are so lucky we have such a fun grandma who loves to spoil her grand babies :) Saturday night we had dinner and an Easter Egg hunt with Bryce's family.  Then on Sunday we went to church with my parents and afterwards had dinner with my family.  
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Easter was really special for me this year.  If you haven't seen it, the Easter message on easter.mormon.org is absolutely beautiful.  I read through it again last night and I was just in awe thinking about what our savior, Jesus Christ has done for all of us.  I am beyond grateful that because of Him I can be sealed to my family forever, because of Him we can change and start over, because of Him death is not the end, and because of Him we can live again with God.  What a beautiful message to remember not just on Easter, but every single day.  All that is beautiful and good in my life is because of Him and I am so grateful!

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