April 14, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 12 Weeks

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 photo DSC_0124-4_zps6c1152f4.jpg  photo DSC_0122-3_zpsa32d4263.jpg  photo DSC_0120-1_zps2a4fcae9.jpg
Claire turned 12 weeks old yesterday.  She finally has started pushing up on her arms and lifting her head during tummy time.  I have been working on this with her forever!  She used to just lay on the side of her head and suck on her hands.  She was just content as can be to lay there but I could never get her to lift her head and look around.  Thanks to the suggestion from some other moms I used a rolled up blanket under her chest to help her start.  I only used it for a day and a half then I had her try it without the blanket and she did it all on her own.  I was a proud mom :)  Now she will hold herself up and look around every time she's on her tummy.  I think she finally realized its more fun to look around and see things (most the time at least).


  1. She is so cute! I just want to kiss those cheeks! Taysom didn't do very well at tummy time for awhile, he just liked to lay there as well. At least he didn't scream, which is what he does now :)

  2. Thanks Megan! Aren't her cheeks the cutest? I kiss them all day long :) Haha I'm sure we have lots of screaming in our future when it comes to tummy time. She tolerates it pretty well for a few minutes then starts getting mad. We'll see how long it lasts haha!