March 2, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 6 Weeks Old

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My little Claire Olivia is 6 weeks old today!  Since I've already been documenting and posting Claire's weekly growth through pictures on the blog I decided I would officially make it into a weekly post.  I'll just do little updates with pictures once a week and then a big update with a letter to her once a month.
At six weeks old Claire still LOVES to cuddle and be held.  I am getting really good at typing with one hand :)  She sleeps best cuddled up on my chest.  She also sleeps really well in her rock and play sleeper we are using for a bassinet, but she's not too fond of her crib.  I've been having her take all her naps in her crib the past few days.  It hasn't been very fun for her but today she went to sleep without crying for both her morning naps.  Yay for progress!  We'll just keep working at it so I can eventually move her to the nursery. Happy six weeks, Claire!

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