March 31, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 10 Weeks

 photo DSC_0660_zpsf2058873.jpg  photo DSC_0662_zpse9733fe4.jpg  photo DSC_0664_zpsa0265356.jpg Claire turned 10 weeks old yesterday!  I took these pictures yesterday but didn't get a chance to post them until now since we were gone at a baby blessing most of the day.  It was Claire's first time going to church.  She finally got to wear the cute dress that my mom gave her for Christmas!
I have a song that I sing to Claire a lot when I'm putting her to sleep.  Lately whenever I sing it to her she has started "singing" with me.  It is the cutest thing ever.  I lay her on my chest and pat her back while I sing and she coos right along with me until she falls asleep.  Every time she does it I can't help but laugh.  I really need to get it on video, it is something I always want to remember.  Claire also loves when I talk to her.  She smiles really big, wiggles her arms, kicks her legs, and squeals back at me.  I love that she gets so excited, she makes me feel like a million bucks!

P.S. I got Claire singing on video when I put her down for her nap a few hours after I posted this yesterday.  The video is below.  This girl is the cutest :)

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  1. Oh...she is the cutest!! I love my pretty little niece!!! And pretty, pretty please film Claire singing with you! I must see It!