February 3, 2014

Watch Me Grow: 49 Weeks

 photo 12296973995_b131f169c8_o_zps6624e289.jpgDSC_0057.jpg photo 12296978265_91c32eb059_o_zps56dd4f10.jpgRory is now 49 weeks old.  Her 1st birthday is in just a few weeks on February 28th.  She is still doing great with Claire but we are always extra careful and make sure to never leave Rory alone with her.  The picture above is probably the closest we've ever let her get and it was only for a few seconds.  Once I took the picture I made her back up off the blanket.  I doubt anything would happen but I'd rather be safe than sorry :).  We are excited for when Claire is older (&bigger) and they can interact more.  We think they are going to be best buddies!

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