February 19, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 1 Month Old

   photo DSC_0108_zps84626e82.jpg  Dear Claire,

Today you are one month old.  Your first month of life has gone by far too quickly, but it has been so wonderful.  You have brought so much joy into our lives!  Being your mother is even better than I imagined it would be.  I love spending my days with you.  We have a pretty good little routine, but we are still working on getting your schedule down.  You eat every 2-3 hours, depending on the day.  Some days, probably when you are going through a growth spurt, it seems all you want to do is eat!  On those days I don't seem to get much done, but I don't mind because it means I get lots of extra cuddling in.
 photo 12645959435_047d309a8f_o_zpsed7e44f7.jpg After every feeding we do 45-60 minutes of awake time before you nap.  During your awake times we like to read stories and sing songs in the rocking chair.  You also like spending time in your swing watching the mobile, taking baths, and laying on your back kicking & stretching your legs.  After your awake time you always take a really good nap for 1 1/2- 2 1/2 hours.  I've started having you take at least one nap a day in your crib so when I move you to your nursery at night the transition will be easier.  photo DSC_0207_zps5b77a628.jpg You are a really good baby.  You really aren't ever fussy, and you rarely cry.  The only times you do cry (and it's more grunting then crying) is when you wake up and are wanting to eat.  You love cuddling!  Your favorite place to nap is snuggled up on my chest.  This is one of my favorite things.  I never get tired of holding and snuggling you.  You get the hiccups at least once a day, and they kind of upset you.  It always makes you feel better if I snuggle you on my chest and gently pat your back until they go away.   photo DSC_0208_zpsdad6d636.jpg

You have grown a lot already!  I had your dad weigh himself then hold you and weigh himself again.  I don't know how accurate it is but according to that method you are about 10 pounds.  Goodness, I really can't believe how quickly you are growing.  I want to remember every little detail about you.  You make the cutest little noises all day long, and you grunt and squeak in your sleep.  You still have a full head of dark hair and your eyes already look like they will be brown.  Every time you finish nursing and are half asleep you always have a big grin across your face.  It is the cutest!  Another thing I love is holding you in my arms with your head in the crook of my elbow.  I talk to you and tell you stories and you just stare up at me the whole time.  

You have made me so incredibly happy.  I can't even begin to describe the love that I have for you.  I don't think it is really something you will understand until you become a mother.  I am so lucky you are my daughter.  I feel very blessed to have you in our family.   I am so excited to watch you grow and change, but will you promise to slow down just a little?  I love this little life of ours and I am so glad I get to spend it with you.

Love you too much,


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