January 28, 2014

Watch me Grow: 48 Weeks

 photo 12193683355_20d0e67b9f_o_zps8100b952.jpg  photo 12193939453_3514c1da14_o_zps2eba5a4a.jpg Rory is 48 weeks old.  She finally met Claire when we came home from the hospital last Tuesday night.  She has been so good with her.  She just sniffs her and tries to lick her, but she hasn't tried to bother her at all.  She's been pretty calm and mellow too.  I think she can kind of read us and knows that she is supposed to be more calm around the baby.  She really hasn't paid her too much attention, and I think it's probably because Claire is such a quiet baby right now.  I think as Claire grows and when she is louder she will be more interested.  We are so happy to see how well she is transitioning with the baby!
DSC_0148.jpg DSC_0150.jpg Another thing to note is we started brushing Rory's teeth.  We bought a dog toothbrush & toothpaste a few weeks ago and Bryce finally got around to trying it a few nights ago.  Rory actually did better than I thought she would.  She just kept trying to eat the toothbrush and toothpaste.  She is a pretty spoiled dog.  I never thought I would be the person who brushed her dog's teeth!

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