January 18, 2014

Watch Me Grow: 47 Weeks

Rory is 47 weeks today!  We bought clippers today to try and learn to clip her ourselves.  We don't really want her groomed very fancy or anything we are just wanting to trim her every once in a while and possibly clip her short in the summer.  This picture is before we trimmed her.....haha let's just say we need some practice.  We only wanted to trim up the hair on her head and face a little, nothing extreme.  We used the longest attachment that came in the kit and let's just say Bryce and I have not laughed that hard in a long time.  She looks a little ridiculous.  The hair on her head is VERY short now.  We already ordered an attachment that will allow us to leave her hair a lot longer so hopefully in the future her hair cuts will turn out better.  We're not too worried about it though.  It is just hair, and hers grows very quickly.  But, I am waiting to take the 'after' pictures until next week so it can grow out a little :).  
One of Rory's favorite things to do when she wants to play is get out every single toy she has and leave them strewn all over the house.  Then she takes turns bringing different toys to us to throw for her.  Bryce says she is helping prepare us for when Claire is a toddler.

P.S. This is Rory's last update as an only 'child' :).  Next week her update will be about her first time meeting Claire and how she has reacted to us bringing the baby home!

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  1. I can't wait for you to have baby Claire!! Do you have an induction scheduled or are you still waiting? What is your due date again? I really.should remember that! So excited for you!