January 13, 2014

Watch Me Grow: 46 Weeks

DSC_0031.jpg DSC_0029.jpg DSC_0011.jpg
Rory is 46 weeks old.  The big update for this week is that we've been leaving her crate door open at night.  We waited a long time to try this because I was paranoid she would get in to something while we were sleeping.  We decided to give it a try since I haven't really been sleeping I would hear her if she tried something.  I'm happy to report she has done awesome!  She sometimes comes in our bedroom with us for part of the night and then will go back to her crate for the rest.  She hasn't even tried any mischief, she just sleeps the whole night.  She really is turning out to be such a well behaved dog.  All of our hard work training her is paying off!  I'm sure we'll have more to work with her on once the baby comes but we are so thrilled with her progress up to this point!

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