January 13, 2014

No baby yet...

DSC_0012.jpg Everyone keeps asking so I figured I would post a little update.  No baby yet.  She seems to be quite content (or stubborn) and is taking her time.  I'm now 39 weeks, my due date is in six more days.  Everything is waiting and ready for her arrival.  My walls & floors are scrubbed, my house is spotless, Claire's dresser is full of clean folded clothes, and our hospital bags are packed.  Now we are just waiting.....and waiting.  
DSC_0019.jpg DSC_0020.jpg
(Here's Claire's little coming home outfit)
My whole pregnancy I pretty much planned on going at least to my due date if not over,  until my 37 week appointment when my doctor told me I was already dilated and effaced and probably wouldn't make it to my due date.  I let that get my hopes up and I was so excited with the possibility of her coming early.  It has made the last two weeks LONG.  She has six days to still prove him right and come a little early, but I'm not sure if she will on her own.  After my doctor stripped my membranes last week I was way sore and crampy the next day and I lost my mucus plug (sorry if that's tmi), but I didn't have any contractions or anything.  Ever since my appointment I have felt like I've been walking around with a broken tailbone.  I guess she must've moved down even further (I didn't think that was possible!) and is just putting tons of pressure on it.  I go back to the doctor Wednesday morning and I will talk to him about a possible induction if I don't seem to be making any more progress.
DSC_0026.jpg My last day of work was on Friday.  Staying home all day is new territory for me!  I decided to re-read the Harry Potter series to give me something to do the last little bit of my pregnancy.  I started reading them Wednesday (mostly at night when I couldn't sleep) and I am on book 4 today.  Hopefully Claire will be here by the time I finish the 7th or I'm going to need to find another book series to try to occupy my mind and keep me from going stir crazy!  


  1. I'm so excited for you! Best of luck and keep us all posted! :)

  2. I hope you go early! I'll be sending good baby vibes your way :)