December 30, 2013

Watch Me Grow: 42, 43, & 44 Weeks

42 Weeks:
43 Weeks:
44 Weeks:
I'm a little behind on posting Rory's weekly picture, things have been so busy lately!  Anyway, here are the last 3 weeks in one post. Rory is doing great!  She is 10 months old now and weighs 55 pounds.  She's basically full grown.  We recently got a training collar and it has worked amazingly well.  It has three different settings, shock, vibrate, and a beeping sound.  We mostly only use the beeping noise and have only had to use the shocking a few times when she is outside.  Don't worry, I made Bryce try the shock out on himself first before we used it on her.  After Bryce tried it he even convinced me to try it and it just feels like a little buzz with how low we have it on. We've been using it to teach her not to bark so much, not to jump on visitors, and to stay calm around people when we take her places.  She has responded so well!  It also probably helps that she is almost a year old.  She has outgrown a lot of her puppy habits and is turning into such a well mannered dog.  We aren't too worried about how she'll be around the baby anymore, we're just mostly excited to watch them grow up together and be best buddies.

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