December 22, 2013

Dear Baby

December 22, 2013

Dear Baby Claire,

I'm writing you this letter while watching the snow fall outside our bedroom window.  Everything is white, sparkly, and beautiful.  BIg fluffy snowflakes are swirling around and around.  Winter is so pretty.  I can't wait to share the magic of this time of year with you.  I'm so happy you'll be a Winter baby.  I think you will love it.  I can't wait to play in the snow with you and build snowmen and snow caves!  We're going to teach Rory to pull you around in a sled when you are bigger too.  We're going to have lots of fun and teach you to love the snow as much as your mama does!      

I am exactly 36 weeks along today.  Hopefully I will get to meet you in 4 weeks or less.  Can we make a deal that you won't come late?  But, If you do happen to come late I guess that's okay too.  I just want you to arrive healthy and happy!  At my last doctor's appointment when I was 35 weeks you were 5 3/4 pounds.  The doctor is guessing if I go until my due date that you will be 8-81/4 pounds.  You might end up being a little bigger than we originally thought.  I'm happy about this though.  I like babies that are a little rolly polly. 

I had my second baby shower with the Mecham side of the family a few Saturdays ago.  We ate lots of yummy food, played a few games, and then you and I got to open lots of presents.  You were given more quilts, clothes, a car seat, a swing, books, towels, and a rock & play sleeper just to name a few.  Now we are definitely ready for you to come.  You are such a lucky girl to have so many generous friends and family.  

Christmas is 3 days away, and even though you won't quite be here yet, you are still getting a few presents that I know of.  You are a very loved little girl.  Great Grandma & Grandpa Richins gave you a book.  Great Grandma & Grandpa Mecham are giving you a denim and flannel quilt and I think a book.  Grandma Julie is giving you a dress for church and books too.  I even made you a stocking to hang by mine and dad's so it didn't feel like we were leaving you out.

I know things are getting pretty crowded in there for you.  I hope you aren't too squished.  I can tell you are getting bigger and that you don't have as much room.  You don't have as many big movements lately you just kind of squirm around probably trying to get comfortable.  I've been carrying you really low most of the pregnancy so it's hard to tell if you've dropped yet.  I don't think you have, but I guess I'll find out sooner than later.

Your dad and I finally agreed on a middle name for you!  A few people know what it is, but I think we will wait and surprise everyone else with it when you are born.  Let's hope the last few weeks of the pregnancy go by quickly for both us.  I can't wait to meet you!

See you soon little one.



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