November 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

This past weekend has been full of exciting things for us. We had a coupon for a free movie ticket so Friday night we went and saw Ender's Game.  We looooved it, like really, really loved it.  We both feel a little ashamed we haven't read the books, but I remedied that problem and ordered them as soon as we got home.
DSC_0237 DSC_0238  
 Saturday I had my first baby shower with Bryce's side of the family (The Leishmans & Lloyds).  Goodness we were so spoiled.  Claire is a lucky girl!  I was so sad I forgot to take my camera to the shower so I just took pictures of all the gifts when I got home. 
One of my favorite gifts was this hooded towel that Bryce's aunt made.  It is adorable!  I can't wait for Claire to use it.
We were given lots of baby necessities including a baby bathtub, bath wash, baby lotions, blankets, diapers, diaper cream, a thermometer, an activity gym, books, toys, bibs, and of course lots of cute little clothes.  We had my shower early before all of the holidays, and it worked out so great.  The only bad thing about having it earlier is after receiving all of her cute gifts I am even more excited for her to finally arrive!
Which brings me to the next exciting event of our weekend.  Today I am officialy at 31 weeks in my pregnancy.  Only 9 weeks left until Claire's arrival.  I'm finally in single digits for the weekly countdown!  


  1. You look gorgeous! Seriously, you look so pretty :) baby showers are so fun! I'm glad you got lots of fun stuff!