November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

DSC_0186  Friday night Bryce and I were finally able to spend more than two hours together, hooray! His school is the pits sometimes.  Date nights are pretty rare lately.  I chose my favorite kind of date night staying home with a movie and treats. I'm such a homebody, I'm being completely serious when I say that is my favorite way to spend a night.
Growing up in my house a movie night was never complete without popcorn and m&ms. Bryce agrees with this requirement. We rented the movie Jack the Giant Slayer.  (We both thought it was okay, nothing spectacular).  While we watched the movie Bryce also worked a little on our dining table.
Rory chaperoned our date from her designated spot on the rug.
UntitledSaturday my sister Laci colored my hair.  I went back dark and I love the change.  My sister and I worked out a trade for me taking their family pictures she cuts and colors my hair.  It works out nicely for both of us.  
I did lots of cuddling with this girl while we waited for Bryce to get home from work Saturday night. 
DSC_0204    Bryce is so good to me and he is an incredibly hard worker.  After spending the whole day working he came home Saturday night and worked even more finishing up the table.  He knew how excited I was for it to be done.
DSC_0205 Rory was Bryce's "helper" and I took pictures to document the momentous occasion.  He finally finished everything at 2 a.m.  The table turned out fantastic.  I'm pretty lucky to have such a talented husband who helps carry out my endless list of ideas.  I'm saving the pictures of the finished table for a separate post, because it most definitely deserves its own (stay tuned)!


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