November 25, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks


How far along? 32 Weeks (as of yesterday)
How big is baby? At my doctor's appointment this morning she measured in at 4 pounds on the ultrasound.
Maternity clothes? Yep.  I don't know why I answer this question every update haha (I'll probably remove it).  I'm obviously going to be wearing maternity clothes for the remainder of the pregnancy.
Stretch marks? Still none.  I'm crossing my fingers I will be lucky but I've heard a lot of times they show up in the last month or so.
Sleep: Ugh.  Sleep is not coming so easily.  My lower back hurts and my hips ache.  Sleeping on my side seems to make things worse but unfortunately it's my only option.  I think pregnancy slowly preps you for sleepless nights with a newborn ;)
Best moment of the week?  I say this a lot, but seeing Claire on the ultrasound at my doctor's appointment this morning.  I get so excited after I see her at every appointment.  I really can't wait for her arrival.
Food cravings?  Nothing really.  I still really want some diet pomegranate 7 up but haven't seen it anywhere yet.
Symptoms? Heartburn, lower back pain, aching hips, ligament pain, and braxton hicks.  (It's a good thing babies make all of this worth it!)    
Movement: She is still in the same position so I get kicked in the ribs all the time on my right side.  She also gets the hiccups multiple times a day.  Sometimes it will last for over 30 minutes.  It's a little distracting at times but I think it's pretty cute.
Gender? girl!
Belly button in or out? Halfway out.
Wedding rings on or off? on.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nope.
Happy or moody most of the time:  Pretty happy.  I get nervous when I think about taking care of a newborn in a couple months.  The happiness and excitement definitely outweigh the nervousness though.
Miss Anything?  This might sound weird but I miss being able to sit while hugging my knees to my chest.  Bryce and I were sitting in bed the other night talking and I wanted to lean back against our headboard and pull my knees to my chest but my belly was a little bit in the way :)
Labor Signs? Thankfully, no.
Looking Forward to? Thanksgiving, spending time with my family, my next baby shower, and of course meeting baby Claire in 8 more weeks!

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