November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

DSC_0087 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  

I don't know if I am just feeling overly emotional because of pregnancy or if it is just that I'm more appreciative the older I get, but my heart has been so full all day.  I look at all of my blessings and I could cry (happy tears of course)!  I am so grateful for the gospel, my testimony, and my savior Jesus Christ.  I am grateful for Bryce and the little family we are creating.  I am grateful for my sweet puppy and the happiness she has brought to our family.  I am especially grateful for our little baby Claire who will be joining us in January and for the opportunity I have to be a mother.  These are only a fraction of the countless blessings in my life.  I definitely don't deserve all of this, but I try to recognize and appreciate it as much as I can.  Ever so slowly I'm learning, gratitude turns what you have into enough.

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