November 29, 2013

Claire's Nursery


I finally finished Claire's nursery last week!  Truthfully, the majority of it was done by the time I was 20 weeks along but I had a few small projects I needed to finish that I finally got around to! 
DSC_0024 DSC_0039    DSC_0042   DSC_0031DSC_0007 
My parents gave us the crib, and it was actually the crib they used for me and my siblings.  It was wood when we got it but Bryce painted it white since that was the main color I wanted for the furniture.  I made the mobile, crib sheet, crib skirt, the embroidery hanging on the wall, and the baby quilt.
I found the tutorial for the mobile on the blog You Are My Fave.
This is the diaper bag I bought.  It's made by Petunia Pickle Bottom but it is from their men's line "Scout."  I love the shape & style of all the PPB diaper bags but I didn't really like any of the fabrics until I found their men's line.  Since I would be using it instead of a purse for the next couple years I wanted a really good sturdy one that still looked nice and didn't scream "diaper bag".  I am sooo happy that I found this one!  It is probably my favorite baby item I've purchased.

The rug is just a cheap white one I bought from Ikea and then I painted the stencil on it myself. 
This dresser was such a lucky find.  It is a solid hardwood dresser that we bought from a neighbor's yard sale for $15!  It was really old and looked pretty gross at first but we gave it a fresh coat of white paint, added some cute knobs, and it looks as good as new! Now I just need a baby for this nursery.  Only 7 more weeks until she's here (which will probably be the longest 7 weeks of my life)!


  1. SO CUTE. i love the nursery!!!!! you have done such a good job, i love it!

  2. This is so cute! I cannot believe you already have the whole nursery ready. You are so prepared. I have 7 weeks left, and pretty much have nothing ready! Way to be on top of life! P.S. how hard was painting that rug? It is probably the cutest thing ever!

    1. I am a bit of an over-preparer and I have to everything planned out and finished way ahead of time or I stress out haha. It drives Bryce nuts sometimes. And the rug was super easy! There's quite a few tutorials on pinterest you can find and then all you need is a rug, fabric paint, stencil, and paint brush!