November 7, 2013

A Month for Gratitude

I finally took down my Halloween decorations yesterday.  I decided leaving them up longer than a week after the holiday was over was pushing it a little.  I put up the two Thanksgiving decorations I have.....while I listened to Christmas music.  I am one of those weirdos who start listening to Christmas music on November 1st.  There is too much good music to limit to only one month of the year, so I allow it for two.  Bryce is still not sure where he stands on the issue, but after year three of doing it with me I think I'm winning him over on the idea. 

Every year I'm always tempted to skip Thanksgiving decorations and just put up my Christmas ones, but then every year I feel guilty not celebrating the month specifically set aside for gratitude.  I get so excited for Christmas time, it's hard for me not to jump ahead!  I really have so much to be grateful for, especially this year, so I'm trying hard to focus on gratitude over the next few weeks and let Christmastime wait until December (except for the music, that is something I refuse to wait for).
DSC_0170One thing I'm grateful for is having time to work on my to-do list before the baby comes.  It feels like I have so much time still but she will be here in only a little over two months!  I sewed a carseat cover for her last night.  It was so easy and I think it turned out pretty cute.  The top is the floral fabric and the bottom is yellow minky.  I wasn't really sure how to take a picture of it because you can't really tell what it is unless it is on the carseat.  But anyway, I think you get the idea.  
DSC_0161Another thing I am so grateful for is good friends.  I got the sweetest little package in the mail yesterday.  One of my best friends who I met when we were roommates my first year of college has moved across the country while her husband is going to law school.  Even while living across the country she remembered my birthday and sent me a birthday/baby gift.  She sent me two little baby spoons engraved with Claire's name.  I teared up when I opened the package and saw them.  They are just so darling and it was so thoughtful of her. (Thanks Michelle you are the sweetest!!!)  Bryce thought I was crazy for crying over baby spoons.  I didn't even bother trying to explain it to him and we just left it at pregnancy hormones.

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