November 1, 2013

24 Years Old

UntitledYesterday was my 24th Birthday!  Bryce got me a new pair of boots (that I may have picked out myself).  I loooove them.  My old pair was going on their third year of use, and it showed.  I was really excited to get a new pair just in time for winter.
DSC_0125Bryce still wanted to surprise me with something so he brought me a yellow rose when he came home from work.  He is the sweetest.
I love having my birthday on Halloween, every year I have an automatic excuse to dress up.  This year, if you didn't see the picture in the last post, for Halloween Bryce & Rory dressed up as Bakers and I was a "Bun in the Oven."  Rory definitely stole the show.  She was by far the cutest out of our little family group.
After Bryce and I both got home from work and were all dressed up in our costumes we went to my parents house for my birthday dinner/family Halloween party.  We had my mom's homemade chilli and homemade bread for dinner, one of my very favorite meals!  We visited together, ate our fair share of Reeses, and cuddled lots with our little niece Lydia.  It's so much fun to see her but at the same time it's like torture because it makes me sooo excited for my baby to get here.

Bryce and I have plans to continue the birthday celebrating all weekend long.  I'm feeling pretty spoiled.  I think this is going to be one of my favorite birthdays.  I am so ready for what my 24th year of life is going to bring!

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